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Softer, Stronger, and More Stain Resistant Than Ever Before

All carpeting installed by Lone Star Floors comes with a 2-year installation warranty.

When you think of a soothing, plush, inviting surface under your feet, you probably think of carpet. Carpet’s combination of comfort, warmth, and sound absorption makes it an ideal choice for many areas of the home, from the bedroom to the den or office. Better yet, today’s advanced flooring technologies mean that carpet is softer, stronger, and more stain-resistant than ever before -- and we’re happy to provide you with these state-of-the-art options, complete with 2-year installation warranty, here at Lone Star Floors.

A Breathtaking Range of Carpet Styles

The sky’s the limit when you’re ready to bring your distinct personality and sense of style to your home or business through your choice of carpet. Cut pile is the main category of carpet available on the market today. Some of the most popular styles you can choose from at Lone Star Floors include:

Saxony—A soft, thick, uniform product perfect for lower-traffic areas.

Textured—Twisted, steamed style that offers a permanent curl for a more casual look than Saxony. It doesn’t generally show tracks, footprints, or wear and tear, making it a smart choice for everyday foot traffic.

Frieze—A tighter, curlier style of textured carpet that serves as an extra-durable alternative to traditional shag carpeting.

Cable—A luxurious style that uses long strands of yarn for extra beauty and comfort. Its tendency to flatten under heavy foot traffic makes it a better choice for low-traffic settings.

Cut and loop—Some carpet combines cut pile and loop pile to produce extra variation in yarn height and texture. The resulting “sculptured” look comes in a variety of styles and patterns.

Expert Carpet Installation With No Hidden Costs

When you shop for carpet at the big box stores, how much do you really end up paying? Some of these stores will charge you “a la carte” for each aspect of your carpet job, from removal of the existing carpet and moving the furniture to measuring and delivery. By the time you realize that your great deal wasn’t go great after all, you’ve paid too much.

Don’t fall for enticements such as “free labor” (which is just rolled into the cost of the other items). Instead, choose honest, transparent carpet installation from your friends at Lone Star Floors. We quote pries on an “installed” basis, giving you a more reasonable total deal with no surprises. Remember, there’s only one flooring price that matters—the final total you pay.

Ready to choose from over 300 carpet samples (along with 600 wood and 250 laminate flooring samples) from the top manufacturers in the industry?

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Absolutely wonderful experience! Love my new floors, but more so, I loved the crew. The most polite and thoughtful people ever. Very courteous and observant to working around us. The installation looks amazing and they really paid attention to detail. Bill, the owner, was extremely flexible with scheduling and we just had a really great experience. Highly recommend them!

Kristin K.

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