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When to Pull the Trigger on New Floors

If you have carpet, then you may want to consider installing hardwood or laminate flooring because it is cleaner, more durable, and more versatile. If your carpet is in great condition, then it is understandable that you may want to wait to switch to wood or laminate until it wears out. What is more difficult to know is when it is time to replace worn out flooring such as wood or laminate.

Why Would you Install New Floors?

Mannington flooring in hallway Mannington flooring stairs Mannington flooring view from stair landing
(This flooring is from the Mannington Collection)

Peeling or damaged

For laminate floor owners, it is easy to tell when flooring needs to be replaced. It will start to peel or potentially fade and crack. Depending on the quality of the original installment, you will clearly know when it is time because your floors will look rough.

Gouges or warpage

If you wood floors are deeply damaged, they may need to be replaced. Deep holes or warped boards may not be able to be filled properly. Contact a flooring specialist to find out if your floors are beyond repair.

When replacement cost less than repair

Depending on the material, it may be less expensive to replace the flooring than it would be to refinish. Don’t be reticent to replace worn out flooring because you think the cost will be too high. Instead, get some quotes from local companies that install floors, and find out the truth behind the numbers. Contact us to schedule an in-store consultation!

Not enough material left

Hardwood floors generally last the life of the home, but there are many historic homes that may be running low on material for sanding and refinishing. You may get 6 to 10 refinishes out of one floor, but eventually the material will run out.

Softwood flooring

Older homes sometimes have softwood instead of hardwood, and they are beautiful but…soft. What this means is that they scratch easily. They may have to be refinished every few years because they are so soft, and if there are kids in the home, they may never be flawless.

You don’t like them

This may be the best reason to replace flooring, and if you think your floors are just plain ugly, then you should do something about it. New floors in a home can transform the entire feel of each room and turn a dated home into modern gem.

Installing new floors can be a dreaded home improvement, but it is a change that lasts for many years and improves the look and feel of your home every day. Check out our Gallery to see the wide variety of colors, textures, and plank widths you can choose from!

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