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How to Choose a Color for Your New Wood Floors

When you are picking out a color for your wood floors, you may feel conflicted about what color you should pick. This is an understandable feeling. Flooring is not something that you change every couple of years, and unless you have some special circumstances, you’ll be stuck with your flooring choice for a while. If you are choosing hardwood, then you are probably wanting to harness that quality look of luster and grain pattern that says you have amazing taste. Yet, we’ve all seen floors that…just don’t quite work. Use this guide to help you choose your wood flooring color, and make sure you love your choice for years to come.

5 Things to Consider in Wood Floor Color Choice

Here are photos from some of our completed jobs. You can see the wide variety of color for you new wood floors. See more in our Gallery.
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1. Wall color

Maybe the first thing we should say is that if you absolutely LOVE a certain color of wood flooring, the other features of your home are easier to change to make fit the wood. Wall color is one of those things. However, if you are crazy about your wall color and want flooring to match, you should use your wall color as a guide. Dark walls may need light-colored wood to brighten the room. However, light walls may look better with dark floors. This is not always the case. A light-on-light color scheme can be refreshing, and a dark-on-dark may be elegant. Look at some pictures of living rooms on the internet and get an idea of what color looks good with your wall color.

2. Lighting

Your lighting is going to change the color of your flooring much like it changes the color of your paint. Get a sample of your flooring choice prior to making it permanent, and make sure your lighting doesn’t transform your flooring into something you don’t like. For example, you generally don’t want to bring out orange tones in the wood that would make it appear dated.

3. Cupboard colors

If you are replacing or installing flooring throughout the home, then the kitchen matters. It is more difficult to change your cupboards than wall color, so it should be prioritized. Again, practically any color scheme can work, but you have to make sure it fits your tastes.

4. Upkeep

Many people buy white cars and avoid black because they are easier to keep clean. The same is true of flooring. If you want every speck of dust to show up, and you keep a very clean floor, then go dark! It’s beautiful! However, lighter colors are going to be more forgiving.

5. Trendy or Timeless

Lastly, consider whether your choice is trendy or timeless because these floors are likely going to be there for a while. If it is too trendy, invest in a less expensive option for wood flooring, so it can be easily and inexpensively replaced. If it is timeless, feel free to spend the big bucks on some high-quality hardwood that will last the lifetime of the house.

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