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Laminate flooring looks exquisite in living areas!

Why Consider Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

You’ve always loved “the real thing.” From organic foods and clothing fibers to the rich, real look and feel of hardwood flooring, you may simply prefer the idea of surrounding yourself with the genuine article. It goes without saying that our flooring experts at Lone Star Floors can provide top-of-the-line hardwood products to fulfill that ambition. So why consider installing waterproof laminate flooring in your home or workplace instead? Here are some smart reasons to do just that.

Humidity or moisture issues – If you constantly struggle with moisture, humidity, frequent spills or plumbing problems, you definitely want a waterproof product. Genuine hardwood can rot or warp in the presence of moisture, turning your expensive investment into a disaster. Excessive dryness is just as worrying as excessive moisture. If the humidity drops below 35 percent, your hardwood may dry out and splinter.

Durability questions – Can you imagine how you would feel if your genuine hardwood floor developed chips, splinters, cracks or splits? Hardwood may be hard, but it’s still just wood. Waterproof laminate flooring is an engineered product designed for maximum durability and topped with a tough coating of aluminum oxide — so you’re getting that extra resistance to heavy traffic as well as water resistance.

Price barriers – Your love of genuine materials may not be matched by your ability to afford those materials. Fortunately, the waterproof laminate products we offer at Lone Star Floors can give you the look you want at the price you need. The top layer is graced by actual photographic imagery of genuine wood — available in a wide range of species, colors, and stains.

Why not treat yourself to the ideal combination of beauty, moisture resistance, toughness and affordability? Contact Lone Star Floors to learn more about our waterproof laminate flooring products!

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