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Engineered & Solid Hardwood Flooring Austin TX

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is real wood flooring, but is more stable than solid wood. Engineered wood does not react to moisture in your slabs and the weather like solid wood floors. It is made for slab homes. Solid wood can be installed over slabs, but normally the slab has to be sealed (an extra expense). The durability of engineered hardwood is increased by constructing  the backer board with multiple layers, making it stronger and less likely to fail. Engineered wood is made for Southern homes built on slabs.

Solid Wood Flooring - A solid hardwood floor may give you the style and value you desire. Hardwood flooring will add prestige to your home and can be refinished for lasting beauty.  It is recommended that slabs be sealed if solid wood flooring is to be installed . Solid wood will react to seasonal changes more than engineered, sometimes leaving unsightly gaps as well as possible "cupping" from moisture and shrinkage.

Wood Products - We carry a wide variety of wood flooring from many different major manufacturers. Their quality and warranties are unsurpassed. Our suppliers include:  Mannington, Anderson, Armstrong, Southern Traditions, Earthwerks, Scandian (exotics), UA Floors, Mohawk, Max Windsor, Renaissance, Crescent, Elbrus, and many more. You won't have any problem finding the right species and stain for your project at Lone Star Floors. 

 Flooring Store vs. Big Box or Liquidator -Many issues about wood products and installation will come up that a clerk who also sells lawn mowers and light bulbs simply will not be able to answer correctly. Their expertise will be little or none. These stores usually carry lesser quality flooring. That's OK for a rental property, but probably not for your home. At Lone Star Floors, you can rest assured that your questions will be answered by someone with many years experience, and our huge selection of quality wood flooring will guarantee the right choice for your home.

Purchasing Your Wood Online - Saving that sales tax sounds really great, right?  Well, it comes at a cost that most customers are unaware of.  You get no warranty from the manufacturer on your wood flooring.  That lifetime structure warranty and 20 year finish warranty go right out the door on most products.  It is a matter of logistics.  Do you really believe if you have a problem with your wood floors several years after your purchase that an online company based in Georgia or Massachusetts is going to send a representative to inspect your flooring and determine responsibility?  No, it is not going to happen. The manufacturer is not aware how their product was stored and shipped by these online sales companies. You are better off paying that sales tax and getting your full manufacturer's warranty from a reputable local flooring dealer. 

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